Energy drink – soft, non – alcoholic drink, which tonics human body. Energy drinks enter the market quite recently.

Energy drinks are a relatively new invention of mankind, since individual components have long been used to tone up the body:

Caffeine – has a direct effect on the cerebral cortex, which stimulates physical activity, increases physical job opportunities, shortens the reaction time. Caffeine also effects the breathing. It becomes faster and deeper, the heart blood vessels expands, and blood vessels of the brain becomes a little narrow.

Taurine – helps to reduce the processes of muscle breakdown , increases energy during the workouts, improves amino acids and other nutrients uptake.

Energy drinks often contain medicinal plants which have a toning effect:  guarana (lot. Cyamopsis tetragonoloba,) and ginseng. Guarana leaves are used in medicine: they help  to remove lactic acid from the muscle tissue which  occurs after a serious exercise that produces pain.